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The Eclipse Light Engine is a high-end lighting solution for the GameMaker (GM) engine.  It uses deferred rendering and the metallic/roughness workflow to render PBR lighting.  

This page provides two free demos which use the Eclipse Light Engine:

  • A tech demo with various configurable options and light parameters
  • A pixel art platformer

Get the full asset here: https://badwrong.itch.io/eclipse-light-engine


  • Dynamic lights
  • Highly configurable light object with prefabs for: point, spot, line, cone, and area
  • Automatic day and night cycle with configurable speed, sun rise/set windows, direction, intensity, and more
  • Soft-shadows with per light shadow hardness
  • Bloom lighting and emissive textures
  • Lit and emissive particle system built on GM's built-in particle system
  • 3D calculated shadows with adjustable shadow length
  • Static and dynamic shadows
  • Primitive and polygon shadow shapes (easily created within the GM IDE)
  • Textured material objects (primitive and polygon)
  • Adjustable render resolution
  • Compatible with all platforms (includes GLSL ES shaders)

Learn more about Eclipse:

Eclipse tutorials and information - Learn more about Eclipse and how to configure its various components.

Eclipse tech DEMOFree download which demonstrates many of the engines features.

PBR Material Packer Tool - Free tool for packing materials and baking emissive into normal maps for use in Eclipse.

Enhance Pixel Art Games!

Hardware Considerations:

Eclipse is highly optimized, GPU bound-lighting solution.  Performance and system requirements are relative to the rendering resolution and target platform.  Consider GPUs such as the following (or newer) when developing with Eclipse:

Maker  Low-end Recommended
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 GeForce GTX 1060
AMD Radeon R8 290x Radeon RX 480

Technical Advantages:

Eclipse packs 1-bit shadow maps into 32-bit maps to achieve a lower sample rate.  This also allows light rendering to performed in batches which lower draw calls and significantly reduces sample rate for PBR lighting. 

On current platforms for which GM supports multiple render targets (MRT) there is also a performance advantage where some of the deferred rendering can be performed in a single draw call.  Emissive and bloom also take advantage of MRT and are pre-composited concurrently during the PBR lighting calculations.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Eclipse - Tech Demo 19 MB
Eclipse - Pixel Art Fantasy Demo 6 MB
Eclipse - Pixel Art Shooter Demo 5 MB

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